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Cannabis Cum Laude

Hosted by Steve VanDeWalle & Justin Closser, Cannabis Cum Laude (CCL) is a podcast devoted entirely to Cannabis. They cover a broad spectrum of topics including cultivation, business, medicine, science, politics, advocacy, and culture.

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So you want to open a dispensary?

Gregg Prockton is the Founder of G Leaf CFO and The Compass Group of WNY. He is both a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant. We...

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Cannabis Taxes and 280E

I sit down with Rosanna St.John, owner of Canna Bookkeeper LLC, to discuss cannabis taxation and 280E. Follow Rosanna on Social Media: Instagram @cannabookkeeper LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosanna-st-john-76839a36

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New York Green Coalition

The NY Green Coalition is an emerging advocacy group comprised of legacy market operators from the Rochester, NY region. Their goal is to safely and effectively transition the legacy...

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Legacy Operator Amnesty

Part 1 of this interview is with David Holland — a prominent cannabis attorney and advocate who recently drafted a amnesty proposal designed to help legacy market operators transition...

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Legacy Grower’s Association

My guest today is Josh Waterman, the co-founder of the Legacy Growers Association — an organization who’s mission is to help bring legacy cannabis operators into the regulated legal...

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Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a wildly successful vertically integrated Cannabis company in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In just 4 short years, they have grown to a work force or over 220...

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